Advertising Test

Will the ad sell the brand? What are its emotional highs and lows?

In order to create an effective ad, brands need to understand how their target audience feels in detail and needs to uplift the consumer’s perception of the brand. This helps to develop an appropriate message, using the right tone of voice.

Our advertising tests employ implicit reaction time tests and we do this before and after viewing the ad. A typical usage would be to compare two or more creatives to understand which creative is most successful in delivering brand values and raising purchase intentions. Out test, doesn’t just tell you which creative is better, it tells you why and how. It gets below the surface. 


  • Wich feelings an ad provokes
  • Whether an ad is effective
  • Digital Adverts
  • TV adverts
  • Radio adverts
  • Print adverts
  • Celebrity and digital influencer endorsement
  • Marketing videos
  • Other marketing materials (e.g., out of home)
  • 3s demo loop for ecommerce sites

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