Pricing &
Promo Analysis

Of all the possible promo mechanisms, which one is your best strategy? Who will buy?

In-store promotions can be expensive and risky, they can have a long-term effect on a brand’s health, especially its brand equity. Implicit testing can find out which specific offer is going to drive frequency, volume, or penetration, while at the same time protect the brand’s image. 


Implicit testing is also useful for pricing mechanisms and has been shown to be an effective approach for understanding more objectively, the impact a pricing strategy will have. It can also establish an acceptable range for the price consumers are willing to pay for a product or service.


  • The implicit effect of a price promotion on a brand’s image
  • Understanding which promo will sell more product
  • Using implicit data to set the price of a product
  • In-store marketing and ways of grabbing attention

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