Packaging test

Does the new pack excite more than the old pack? Does it get noticed?

When developing new packaging an important factor is how easy it is to find on the shelf. It may look like a work of art on the computer screen but if consumers can’t find it then the design has failed. It may be that each part of the packaging works differently in terms of grabbing attention and triggering a purchase. In addition, packaging needs to deliver the brand message and be distinctive, while at the same time it should be congruent with the market category.


With Implicit testing, we can compare several package designs against several positive and negative attributes in order to determine which is most successful and why. We can also determine exactly which asset is working the most at attracting and keeping customers. We also have attention tests to measure the attentional grab of a pack, as well as its findability on shelf.


  • Comparing packaging with competitors
  • Front of pack compared with back of pack designs
  • Experiential and sensory experience
  • A new pack’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • New pack designs

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