What are your brand’s strengths & weaknesses against the competition?

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the conscious and subconscious perception of the value of a brand, product or service, to consumers. It can directly predict brand loyalty, since one consequence of strong brand equity are purchase intentions. Brand equity is made up from numerous components. Some of these are universal, some are industry-specific and many are what makes the brand unique.

Our implicit tests measure the consumer’s perception of a brand’s values and the image the brand conveys. An implicit test will tell you how the brand’s values are perceived, whether they associate different values with the brand or even associate those values with a competitor brand.   

Brand Positioning

Brands need to know how they position against their competitors in the eyes of consumers. By deconstructing the market category, we can provide profiles of the brand and its competitors, to reveal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   


  • Measuring consumer evaluation of brand equity​
  • Brand positioning and SWOT analysis​
  • Tracking the brand over time

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