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One of the most important implications for consumer research to come out of the academic study of Cognitive Science is the power of the subconscious and the balance that has always present between the ‘implicit’ world of the subconscious, and the ‘explicit’ world of the conscious.

Cognitive scientists and neuroscientists now believe that as much as 99% of brain activity goes on subconsciously. Yet these brain processes that operate below our conscious awareness are now known to influence and determine much of our behavior. By relying solely on consumers’ conscious or spoken responses, marketers are only capturing the tip of the iceberg in terms of emotions and feelings that drive and determine consumer choice. To redress the balance, marketers have begun to work closely with psychologists and neuroscientists to tap into these vital subconscious brain processes and are able to appreciate consumer behavior with much greater depth and insight than ever before.

Our implicit research platforms were designed to analyse subconscious responses and gain insights that are not possible using traditional methods.

Dr Eamon Fulcher

Dr Eamon Fulcher has a PhD in Neural Networks from Imperial College London University. He has over 28 years’ experience in research on the relationship between conscious and non-conscious motivation, particularly in consumer behaviour. He has worked with some of the best academic minds (e.g., Alan Baddeley, Igor Aleksander, and Andrew Mathews) in trying to understand human psychology at Imperial College and University of Cambridge.

Prof Gemma Calvert

Professor Calvert is an internationally neuroscientist and pioneer of neuromarketing. An entrepreneur, academic and seasoned speaker, Gemma has published over 60 scientific papers on human brain function, including articles in Science and Nature. Her research on the power of the subconscious brain has been widely covered in the international press and television media, including Time, Newsweek, The Economist, The Straits Times, CBS, and the BBC.

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